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Password Overload?

Password Overload?

Modern life means hundreds of passwords: from your email, to your shopping sites, to your TV services. Every service needs a password.

It's tempting to make life easy for yourself by using the same password everywhere, but this is a big security risk. Some of the sites you have accounts with may not have the security resources of the big players: Amazon, Facebook and the like. They may have weak or flawed security in place and they may have their password list stolen by hackers.

If this happens and you've used the same password elsewhere, the hackers could gain access to those other accounts.... Maybe your email account?

A password manager service can help. These services encrypt your password list with a master password (that only you know) and allow you to record your passwords in a secure way. It’s much better than writing them down in a notebook! Many services have a free option, with paid versions available with extra features. Passwords are encrypted and decrypted on your pc or device, so even the people running the service are unable to access your passwords. They can often automatically generate secure passwords for you when you register for sites. Johnson IP Technology has recently partnered with LastPass, who offer a great business password manager product, as well as personal and family plans. Find out more here.

If you do choose to use a password manager, be sure use a secure master password, keep it safe, don't share it with anyone and turn on 2-factor authentication where available.


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