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Encrypted Email - The Easy Way!

Encrypted Email - The Easy Way!

How secure is email?

With data protection being a high priority for organisations who don't want the potential reputational or financial damage that a data breach can bring, it's worth looking at the risks around the most common method of communicating and sharing data: email.

By default email is not encrypted. If you routinely send sensitive information over email, that information is very likely at risk. So how do you go about making it secure?

There are many dedicated encrypted email services available at a cost, but if you use Microsoft Office 365 email services, the function is built in to outlook online and ready to use straight away: simply click the 'encrypt' button at the top of the compose window for a new email. You can send encrypted email to anyone and they will be able to send you a secure and encrypted reply even without an Office 365 subscription!

Encrypted email in O365 is easy!

For more information on the encryption options available with Office 365, click here.

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